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Patent Rose

Patent Rose- Many colors to choose from, varieties of hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, shrub and hedge roses. AARS award winners included. Protect from reflected afternoon sun. Fertilize with rose food each blooming cycle; water deeply and infrequently. Prune heavily in January. Shrub, Semi-evergreen.
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Smooth Angel Thornless Rose

Smooth Angel Thorn-less Rose - This unusual thorn-less, patented hybrid tea rose features wonderfully fragrant cream-apricot blooms. Protect from reflected afternoon sun. Fertilize regularly; water deeply and infrequently. Strip leaves and prune heavily in January.
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Tree Rose

Tree Rose - Full size varieties good for containers or landscape. Stake carefully for protection from wind. Protect from reflected afternoon sun. Water containers regularly; landscape plants deeply infrequently. Feed with rose food each blooming cycle. Prune heavily in January. Patio tree, Semi-evergreen.
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Carpet Rose

Carpet Roses-Patented shrub rose to 3 x 4 feet produces masses of flawless flowers (many colors to choose from) all season. A top quality landscape accent! Give it full sun, good, well-drained garden soil and regular water. Fertilize every 6 weeks and prune to shape as needed. Semi-evergreen, Shrub.
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