Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Why should you select artificial grass for your lawn?

Artificial grass saves precious time, environmental resources, and money in the long run. From public parks and recreations, to schools, businesses, and homes, many have been able to reap the benefits of a low maintenance yard alternative that requires no water. Though it is synthetic in nature, it looks and feels just like a natural lawn, minus allergens, pollen, and mud. It is also pet friendly and safe for households with small children. Artificial grass is the ideal solution to saving time, effort, money, and precious resources.

How well does artificial grass drain?

Artificial grass drains quicker and more effectively than that of natural or real grass. Artificial grass is designed with a highly perforated and permeable backing that allows water and liquid to drain at 28 inches per hour, per square yard.

How mush does artificial grass cost?

When considering the costs of maintenance for a natural lawn, an artificial grass lawn actually saves much more money and is less costly than many people think. Aside from being an asset that raises value to your property, artificial grass lasts for several years and thus saves money on monthly bills that add up, including water and maintenance supplies.

How does artificial grass affect my property value?

Over the years, artificial grass has increased in popularity and has thus added to the value of several properties. It is naturally beautiful, green, and well-manicured throughout the entire year, regardless of the season. Since it also lowers maintenance and water costs, it is heavily sought out by many potential home buyers and renters. Much like solar panels, any type of property feature that is eco-friendly can raise the property value. Thus, an artificial grass yard would be considered an eco-friendly property feature. With its low maintenance and aesthetic appeal, many model homes and properties employ the use of artificial grass yards and landscapes.

How does artificial grass do with dogs?

A breakthrough feature of synthetic grass is the fact that it is designed to be pet-friendly in every respect. Approximately 65% of all households with artificial grass are dog owners. Artificial grass has been used in humane societies, veterinary clinics, pet hospitals, dog shows, and more. This is because of its state-of-the-art design that is safe for dogs.

How about my kids playing on artificial grass?

Children love artificial grass because it looks and feels just like real grass (pending quality), minus the dirt, grime, and mud. It is great for playgrounds and parks, and can be used for many different types of playing surfaces. It is completely comfortable for children. In St. George the temperatures can be extremely high. Artificial grass does get hot in direct sunlight above 90 degrees. However with a light mist from the hose it will cool instantly.

How tough is artificial grass really?

Take into account the fact that artificial grass has been used on both professional and college sports fields around the nation. Here in St. George the college and high schools football fields have also chosen to use artificial grass. With its meticulous engineering and lasting materials, artificial grass is made to withstand the most rough performance and play. These athletes take tackles and hits so hard on the turf surface-not to mention their weight and force running up and down the field, play after play.

Why doesn't it fade?

Artificial grass is manufactured with very high grade UV-inhibitors and color stabilizers in the master batch. There are no surface coatings. Color and all anti-fade components are all the way through each fiber.

What kind of maintenance does it require?

Maintenance is minimal for artificial grass. Picking up loose objects and materials regularly helps artificial grass to keep its manicured look. Rinse periodically and treat it as you would grass you can rake it or use a leaf blower. A stiff hard-bristled brush can be regularly to brush the blades of the turf, keeping it upright. If needed down the road it can be professionally groomed by your installer. DOES THE ARTIFICIAL GRASS GET HOT? Yes it does in direct sunlight in temperatures above 80 or 90 degrees, similar to concrete patios and decks. However with a light mist from the hose it will cool instantly.

Will my home owner's association (HOA) allow it?

For the most part, there are very few problems concerning the use of artificial grass. In fact, many HOA's support the use of a beautiful eco-friendly low maintenance grass alternative within their community.

How much water can you save in a year with artificial grass?

Artificial grass helps to save approximately 70% of your household water costs each month. With a 70% of your bill going towards landscaping, synthetic grass requires no water helping you to add up your savings month after month, and year after year with the installation of an artificial grass yard. Many water companies can fluctuate or increase rates by 50%. With an artificial grass, your water bill will be noticeably lower. Approximately 36,000 gallons of water a year are used by a single household. Just think-if 70% of that can be saved, you are saving almost 29,000 gallons of water a year. With a strong need for conservation, your household can contribute to conserving such a precious resource by adopting an artificial grass lawn.

Artificial grass is great for pets.

Great for Pet Hotels, Dog Parks, Pet Shows, Dog Runs, Animal Shelters, Animal Hospitals, Pet Training Areas. Our artificial grass contains no detectable traces of lead or other RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals.

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